Hi mods can you please check if i sm eligible for debit card charges waive off facility

I just got debited rs 177 from my account. I was told it was life time free card like other banks. Can you please check if i am eligible for the waive off as it was previously 1000 rs but now it is showing 5000 rs monthly balance to get waive off. I can share my customer id on follow up texts

@Deepak please help bro

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Hey @Rajarshi_Nath!

We’ll be happy to get this checked. Could you please message us your registered number to get back to you on the eligibility part? LK

It is 8638580883 .also my customer id is 8649972

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Thank you for sharing the details, however, as the details are public, we recommend you not to share on posts directly.

As the eligibility requires you to maintain 1k AMB for any one month, you certainly qualify for the waiver. You can expect the amount to be refunded to you by the end of the next month. LK

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