Hi I am told to upload bank statement regarding your bank number you entered. Now I have uploaded the bank statement and yet I got the same message

Hello @RAKESH_PATEL2 ! We regret the inconvenience caused. Please allow us some time to check and assist you further. -WB

If I want to change the bank details, is it possible and if it is possible, how to complete the process of changing bank account details.

Please reply me as soon as possible because I need the Niyo Global card urgently to travel USA


I have uploaded the bank statement of HDFC bank but I think I might have written the Axis bank account number and I am uploading the HDFC bank statement.

Please check and let me know

Hey @RAKESH_PATEL2! If you’ve already uploaded the documents, we’d request you to please wait. Our team will validate them and update them accordingly. For further communication, you will receive an email notification.