Hey, I wanna apply for Niyo DCB bank card.ASAP but no one is providing me the details...even i contacted them they didn't even mailed me anything....!

Hey, I wanna apply for a Niyo DCB bank card.ASAP but no one is providing me the details…even I contacted them they didn’t even mail me anything…!
plz help me asap cuz I need it urgently…and tell me in how much time the agent will get in touch with me?

Right now Niyo DCB is going on through an overhaul where the KYC is being upgraded to go full online so onboarding is kept on halt
But you can apply for Niyo SBM Global as both are the same with the difference between them being that SBM is a saving account while DCB is prepaid account

Hope this helps

I’m facing a
CKYC issue in the Niyo Global SBM account…so guide me plz what to do next

Hey @vikas_singh ! Welcome to :niyo_community: Community. As mentioned by fellow community member @ScottishBaron , we’ve paused the onboarding for Niyo Global by DCB. As you say that you’re facing a CKYC issue, I’d recommend you to onboard to NiyoX as we provide a Zero Forex Markup Debit Card there too.

If you haven’t already onboarded to NiyoX - Equitas SA, please headover to here: NiyoX 2 in 1 Onboarding

Further, download NiyoX app from your devices store to start enjoying benefits like 7% interest on Savings Account, Zero Forex Markup on debit card, Zero Commission on Mutual Funds investments and much more.


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Hi may I know what is prepaid account?

Thank you,

Prepaid card is similar to an wallet where you need to load the money for transactions and you dont earn interest also there should be a specified amount in your account to let the transaction go through if I’m not mistaken

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Oh okay. Thanks for the knowledge :+1:

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Closing the thread as issue stands resolved