Hey everyone! What are you planning to do with your funds/stocks after SEBI’s recent rule for Multicap funds to have minimum 25% each in midcap and small cap stocks? Discussions related to this welcome in the comments!

  • Exit some of my multicap/large cap funds :running_woman:
  • Buy some midcap/smallcap funds/stocks :partying_face:
  • Both a & b :running_woman:t2: :partying_face:
  • Do nothing as fund managers will figure it out themselves :tipping_hand_woman:t2:
  • Don’t know enough to take any decision :woman_shrugging:t2:
  • Have an advisor - he/she will figure it out for me :superhero:

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Bizarre move by SEBI, even the multicap index Nifty 500 just has 5% weightage to small caps. Also, SBI Small Cap, one of the largest small cap funds, has stopped taking fresh lumpsums since Sep 7 indicating lack of investment opportunities in the smallcap space.


This will certainly make my portfolio riskier, so I’ll wait for the advisor to assess this and maybe make new recommendations more suited to my risk profile.

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It all depends on risk appetite. for a long term investor, it is a good move to have allocations to different segments of the market instead of heavily concentrated on large caps.

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