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Hey everyone,

We know you are loving the industry-best interest rate of up to 7% p.a* with NiyoX, here’s something to make your travel experience even better. :muscle:

Introducing NiyoX ‘Itinerary’

Ever felt confused about maintaining the itinerary for a trip? :popcorn::headphones::credit_card:

You research and shopped for deals and finally made your bookings for travel and stay through multiple sites. Imagine having to check multiple emails to get your travel information and yet another to check your accommodation details. There’s a high probability that you might get mixed up.

We’re sure you all have at least one experience where you got mixed up with your flight/train timing and missed boarding!

What if you could check your consolidated itinerary in one place along with booking details and get a heads up and never ever have to miss a flight or train or a bus again? Niyo “Itinerary” can make it happen.

How can Itinerary help you?

  1. A quick access to your gmail will create a master itinerary for all the bookings each and every time you travel.
  2. It will attach all your travel documents (tickets, hotel bookings etc.) to make it a one stop solution for you.
  3. It will send helpful reminders and alerts so you never miss a beat.

Would this nifty feature help you get sorted? Let us know your thoughts.

So tell us does this interest you?
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  • No

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Can you kindly update your onboarding process, including your partner banks :slight_smile: you #masters keep asking for OTO and OTP for #aadhaar and again and again?

Can you just update your static website with the KVC #PROCESS?

Looks like you are cheating the public

Instant account, 2 step processs - #pancard + #aadhaar

Let others know - you employ 3rd party cheap service (requires minimum 7 days) to do “online KYC”?
Waiting for your reply! Sir

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