Have anyone explored NIYO for making business payments? Is it okay to do that?

I was exploring the legal side of using NIYO for business and asked the customer support whether NIYO falls under LRS but the seem to be unaware about it?

Anyone here had similar experience?

@Tejas_Chaudhary As far as I know, Niyo is intended for personal use. Though getting an expert opinion from Niyo will be appreciated.

Hey Tejas! Niyo DCB Global card is completely intended for personal use only. If used for business purpose, our compliance may bar it for further use. ∞LK

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What sense can one make of such a statement.

Hey Tejas! You can register for the Niyo DCB card either individually or through your corporate. Also, we have noted your feedback. ∞VS

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when purchased from the Corporate, isnt it business expense?

You can make large enough payments via NiYo.

You can just file the claim and reimburse it from the company.

NiYo has built in limits of Rs 10L per month.

This is a card after all, it won’t serve as a replacement for wire transfer, but the card works beautifully.

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Reimbursements to employees has implications on their IT profile and not all employees are comfortable doing it. Its better if there is a corporate card option.