Handling multiple portfolio

I have number of portfolio. Each portfolio created to achieve specific goals. Each portfolio have same type fund. When I set up sip for each funds different portfolio. It is not working. It send the money to one portfolio.

For example I have ‘fund 1’ in portfolio A and portfolio B. I set up sip of 100rs for fund 1 in portfolio A and added one more sip of 100rs for fund 1 in portfolio B.

But NiyoX sends 2 sip amount (2*100) to fund 1 portfolio A. Please provide the solution for this.

Additional point: whenever I choose the fund for transaction NiyoX chooses default portfolio I have to carefully select the required portfolio before trasaction.

Hi Ram, I am assuming you are referring to folio numbers. This could be a bug. Let me get it checked.
Even for the second point, if you are choosing the fund from your existing portfolio, it should use the same folio number. I will get this checked as well.
Sorry for the inconvenience. Will update as soon as I find something!

Hi Ram, we have identified the issue and it will be fixed in the latest app release which should be available by coming Monday. Thanks for pointing it out and really sorry about the inconvenience. :frowning_face: Let us know if you face any further challenges. Appreciate the feedback. :slight_smile:

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Hi Ram, the new app release with the fix for this issue is available on android/iOS stores respectively. If you don’t see an update available then wait for a couple of days as it gets rolled out completely. Let me know if you face any problems. Thanks for your patience!

I didn’t retry the SIP yet. But I tried lump sum. I selected the particular portfolio(portfolio number ending 215) and I selected invest - Selected Lump sum, In next page of entering amount, it automatically select the default portfolio(portfolio number ending 180) of the same fund. I have to select it manually and change portfolio to which I want to invest(portfolio number ending 215). Even though I selected the portfolio at first it’s automatically changing back to default at amount page. I added the screen recording with this

Hi Ram, Sorry I missed your last reply. :frowning:
Is this still an issue for you? I checked in my app and it is working as expected. Also ensure that you are on the latest version of the app. Let me know and I will get it checked. Thanks!

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Yes. I am using latest version and never an update. Still it’s same.

This is unexpected. Let me get this looked at right away.

Hi Ram, sorry about the delay. This is still not fixed in android. Will be getting it done this week. Really sorry for the hassle :frowning:

Hi Ram, this should be fixed now in the new app available on the play store. Please let me know if you still face any issues. Again sorry for the hassle and delay.

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Thank you so much for action on my feed back. It is working now. I will check for setting SIP payment and update you. Thanks again.


Thank you Mr. Ankur for your actions. The SIP, I have set earlier processed perfectly to corresponding portfolios. The issue is completely solved.