Got 2 debit card in welcome kit and problem

Hello team,

I got 2 debit card in welcome kit… Both are showing active till yesterday.

Now primary card which showing in Niyo is permanently deactivated automatically. xxxx3597 showing in niyo but actually a deactivated card. xxx9608 is active card but not showing in Niyo app.

Now problem is both still showing in IDFC app, one is in active and xxxx3597 card is deactivated and showing REISSUE option. Even I’m getting multiple sms from bank to reissue debit card.

Contacted IDFC customer service, they told me niyo issued dual card to my account and to remove extra deactivated card, contact niyo… Otherwise I’ll get reissue SMS & email everyday as card is deactivated.

Kindly remove the deactivated card xxx3597 from my account or reissue it for free.

Hey @rohitpoint, we regret for the inconvenience. As you already have an active card, another card can’t be issued for your account. There can be only one active card for an accout at a time. With respect to the sms messages, we have highlighted to the team and will let you know as soon as it is sorted. Till then, kindly ignore the messages as there is no need to re issue the card again. SR

Hi… thanks for your reply, but problem is different…
Check screenshot… Both are physical card, and one permanently blocked.

Hey @rohitpoint, we understand your concern over this. Please note that this was done from the back end at the time of account creation as there was some issue with yoour account due to which the transactions were getting hampered. However, you do not have to re issue the card as you already have an active card with you (********9068). Kindly use the active card credentials to do transactions. And just ignore the de activated one as it is of no use now. SR

Yes, I’m ignoring it and don’t want 2nd card. But try to understand my problem.

Everyday I’m getting sms about deactivated card from IDFC.

Now I’m asking if you can remove deactivated card from my account.
Or provide me reissue for free.

(Note- IDFC customer care told me if I apply reissue, then I have to pay 200 +GST Niyo charges).

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