Getting error while trying to create account on sbm niyo

Hey @35deepaN ! Welcome to :niyo_community: Community. As per our CKYC check, you do not have a CKYC record and hence we’re unable to onboard you. Not to worry, we’re already working on an alternative method for onboarding users.
Hope to serve you better.


@ashrithjain If I get a ckyc created. Will this work or I have to follow any other steps.

Hey @35deepaN ! Once you get your CKYC record updated, post that it’ll take 21 days for your record to get updated in the CKYC repository.

@ashrithjain I had been to home branch account in sbi and asked them for CKYC update. They had processed it and heard them that ill get my number within 3 days.

Once I receive the 14 digit ckyc number can I create my account in niyo or I should wait again 21days to update in repository.

Getting a ckyc number which means it’s updated in the repository right?

Please correct if im wrong.

Hey @35deepaN ! Once the bank updates your KYC record in the Central KYC registry, you’ll have to wait the next 21 days for it to get processed and successfully get updated in the CKYC repository. Post that we might be able to help you out.

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@ashrithjain I receive my 14 digit ckyc number. Please guide me what should I do now?