Funds stuck in Niyo Global account. Frozen/Blocked - No help from customer support

Hi, I have opened a Niyo Global account for upcoming overseas trip but after loading funds into Niyo account, I am not able to transact through any means (NEFT.IMPS, UPI, Online card)

Raised ticket #1460931 with support chat yesterday still no response from Niyo team. It is quite urgent. please help.

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I was able to withdraw funds using SBM bank netbanking via NEFT. SBM bank customer care told that issue is with Niyo systems and they can not solve it.

Niyo team please get this sorted immediately. No transactions are happening from your systems for my account

Hey @sushant1! Welcome to Niyo Community!

We deeply regret the inconvenience! :pensive: This is not the kind of experience we wanted you to have with us. We’ve made a note of your details and will be following up with the concerned teams to resolve the transaction issue. We kindly request you to allow us some time for this. Rest assured, we’ll reach out to you as soon as we have an update on this.



Was this issue resolved? I am facing the same issue

Hey @sushant1

We regret the delay though this was not intentional, your account has been kept on hold currently and we are checking on this. We will get back to you with an update on this. Please allow us 24 hours’ time.

Ranjith M

@Ranjith @Deepak where is the solution? You said 24 hours … its been multiple days … Niyo customer service is ignoring emails aswell

Please be ready to give explanation to RBI ombudsman. I am filing a complaint against Niyo for fraud.

Same experience with me. Opened the account loaded funds and then unable to perform any transaction.

Contacted both SBM bank and NIYO customer service. SBM bank said account is fine and told its an issue from Niyo’s side. Niyo customer care just doesnt give a damn.

See the mail correspondence, no replies from these fraudsters. I am raising a complaint with RBI Ombudsman. I suggest you also do the same to expose this scam being run by Niyo

Niyo is a scam. I wish i had seen these posta before putting my money in Niyo and going through this hellish experience

Where is the update @Deepak ?

Is your job just Copy pasting same reply everywhere?

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Where is the update @Deepak?

Where is the update?

You just copy paste the same reply to everyone

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Really pathetic service from Niyo. Even my account is blocked due to unknown reasons. SBM bank says its Niyo’s sytem fault and Niyo service executives are least bothered to fix anything. These Niyo people told me to wait for 24 hours … and no update even after 2 days… what a horrendous experience. I guess it time to create a Youtube video documenting all of such terrible experiences so others are aware about the real Noyo experience and do not sign up for this hell!

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Hey @sushant1! We see that you transferred the funds from your Niyo Global account to your other bank account on the 11th of October. We understand that you were unable to add funds to your Niyo Global account. Our team has confirmed that the issue has been resolved for most of the users. Kindly request you retry and let us know if the issue persists. You may share a relevant screenshot for reference.


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Where is the update? It has been over a month now

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