Fund Transfer to NiyoX acc not reflecting


I’d like to report a problem about the transfer of funds to my NiyoX account.

Back on 5 Jul 2021, I had transferred Rs, 1771 from my Axis Bank Account to my Niyox Account. The amount has still NOT been reflected in my NiyoX account.

I’ve already emailed but apart from the acknowledgement email nothing has happened.

Here are my Niyo Equitas Small Finance Bank Account details:
Name : Melvin J Fernandes
Acc : 100015182945
IFSC : ESFB0009023

Please look into this and let me know if you need anything else?


Hi @Melvin_Fernandes ,

As all the transaction related queries are handled by Equitas Small Finance bank allow us sometime till Monday and we shall help you with the same.

Appreciate your patience


Hi @Bansari ,
So the ESF bank people haven’t replied yet and it’s past Monday.

Please have a look.

Thank you,

P.S. I have a feeling NiyoX and ESF Bank have a small group of support people. Issues keep piling up and there’s not much of an SLA between teams.

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Hi @Melvin_Fernandes,

This shouldn’t have happened :confused:
Let me follow up this for you.


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yes same problem is comming with me…
i was withdrawing 10k money with atm but transection failed and my monay got detected.
i thought i would come aromatically in 48hrs but it didn’t.
and the coustomer calling reminds me of 2005 hutch coustomer calling.:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:its pathetic.
please refund my money asap.

here is service request number of my complaint 2107130313278406.

Hi @rajputshubham1008 ,

Let me get this checked for you. Allow us sometime.


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