Full KYC update

Full KYC update strong text

I’m completed my kyc on 5 days back.
But, still it was not approved.

Hey @Bachu_Vikas @Choppariswaroopa! Welcome to Niyo Community!

Due to the high volumes of VKYC requests, it looks like there is some unusual delay from the bank end in verifying the documents. Rest assured, on your behalf, we’ll follow up with the bank and try to expedite it.


Hey @Subhash_Kumar_Pardes! We always recommend you share your personal details only through a personal message. We see that you’ve completed the video KYC. Your account will be upgraded to a full KYC account within 2 business days. For further help, reach out to our in-app Live Chat Support by going to Menu > Support using the NiyoX app.


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