Full KYC not updated

@prathamnawal , video KYC completed 4days ago, but still not converted to Full KYC account. Customer ID : 11223390

Hey @Rkedra! Thanks for highlighting this to us. We are getting this checked with our team and we’ll reach out to you as soon as the issue is fixed from our end.


@prathamnawal Video KYC completed 4 days ago, but still account not converted to full KYC…

Hi @Rkedra We can see that your account has been converted to Full KYC. Is there any issue that you’ve come across with your account, if yes, please share with us.

Full KYC completed but Still showing ‘agent visit for kyc’ in pending actions. ‘Card on the way’ is the only option should be there in action pendings.

Hey @Rkedra! Yes, the pending action for the KYC visit shouldn’t pop up on the completion of video KYC. We’ve already notified our team to make the necessary changes to the app. Rest assured, we’ll get this sorted at the earliest.


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Hi @prathamnawal and @Deepak, no progress on my early query (reg. Pending actions). Debit card is not generated till date, I think due to above reason only debit card not generated. My sister onboard with NiyoX after me only but she already got her debit card dispatched. Chech this earliest and resolve…

Hey @Rkedra! Thanks for your time over the call. Hope I was able to answer your queries. Please be assured, your card will be delivered in the given timeframe. For further help, feel free to reach out to us.


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