Full kyc directly at equitas bank branch

Can I complete my full kyc of my goniyo account directly going through any branch of equitas bank is it possible for me.

Hey Nirav! No, you don’t need to travel anywhere. All you need to do is download the NiyoX Mobile Application, where you can find the ‘Get free Platinum VISA Debit Card’ section under ‘Pending Actions’ or also in the ‘Card Settings’. You will be asked to set an appointment for the completion of biometric verification. Once you complete this two-step process, our representative will visit your address as per the selected time slot. LK

Hello Lucky
I want to know that what if there is no Equitas bank near me round about 100km, so will your employee come for that much long distance?

Hey Tez! Please rest assured, we have partnered with Ecom Express to ensure that we are able to serve you over 26,000+ pin codes across India. You also get an option to enter your pin code while onboarding to check if your current location falls under our serviceable region. LK

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Ok Thank you very much for your reply
One last question what is biometric verification and how to do it(mention in nirav answer).

It is the last step to convert your account from a minimum KYC account to a full KYC account. Our representative will visit your communication address as updated by you in the account creation process and verify your fingerprint. That will be all. LK

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Ok. Thank you very much :heart:

I am trying to open the account from yesterday but it’s telling that server is down. How much time will it take to come back?

Hello Tez,

Can you elaborate on the problem faced while opening the account? You should be able to download the latest app from the playstore / appstore and onboard yourself.

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Done sir problem solved.
Sir, I want to ask you that when is refer and earn is coming?

Hi Tez

Glad to hear from you and good to know that you were able to get Full KYC done. Hope you are making the most of the 2-in-1 one account! Regarding refer and earn, we are doing some internal tests and hope to launch it soon for customers in coming week or two. Stay tuned!

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Its been more than 15 days, I have opened an account and always rescheduling KYC verifocation but no one os coming and puting on their website false statuses… please see attached screenshot. Even today no one arrive and no contact detail even gicen of the person coming. Infact ecom customer care it self is not aware about their own staff who will be attending KYC. Today my credit limit got over and in emergancy, I am unable to use funds deposited ib Bank account. Despite of calling and chatting to ecom and niyox customer care, dint get any positive response.

Same problem I too facing it