Full KYC details

Will my account be blocked if I do not complete full KYC within one year?

Hey Kalyan! Welcome to the Niyo Community! In the event that you are unable to complete the Biometrics in one year from the account creation date, you wouldn’t be able to transact further with the account. LK

Not all of your cities have biometric verification options. Then turn on the option to do full KYC through video KYC.

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We are sorry to inform you Kalyan but we don’t have that feature in the app. We have made a note of your feedback and will always try to serve you better. LK

When you are unable to provide services in other cities, keep the account opening closed in those pin codes. In all the cities where there is a facility to do full KYC, open an account with pin code. I would not have opened an account if I had known that there would be no complete full KYC in my area. People like me should not be harassed.

It is the company’s business model to just take your money and never respond to any queries. @kalyandey369
Stay away from them. Withdraw your money while you can and get rid of this account. ₹50k of my cash is stuck with them and my debit card hasn’t worked for 45 days.
Stay away.

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