FULL KYC completion

Hi Team,

When KYC will be completed?

Video KYC is a better option than in-person KYC. IDFC already doing this.

I have already a savings account & completed video KYC 1 month ago.

Is that possible that just copy-paste the data from previous account details?

Customer id same for both of my accounts (1. IDFC Savings account, 2. IDFC Niyo Savings account).

Partha Das

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Hey Parth! With the user name we will be unable to serve you better. Please write to us through Whatsapp along with the registered information & we will help you further.

In last month, I was able to create Niyo A/C even though my wife had IDFC account (KYC not required as old account already KYC completed)

If I go through Niyo comments in Twitter, they keep saying onboarding is not possible now if you have already account with IDFC.

How to create Niyo account if you have already IDFC account in new app? I want to do for my family member. (Failing in account creation step with reason that already account with IDFC)

There is no clear way as some it worked and some not working.

My Full KYC was done on 20th August but it is not reflected yet. On following up multiple times, I got the nice note below:

That is a helpful one saying that it is taking a bit longer than usual. That is one of the more callous statements I have seen. You could just say, ‘we will do it when we get around to it’.

Expecting better…

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