Full CKYC update needs to be less than 4 years old

I already have CKYC done and it was even created within last 4 years period.

and i have email from ckyc with a pdf

Me apne account se pese nhi dal pa rha

Hey @Mohammed_Shamnad! As we’ve checked, your CKYC hasn’t met the required onboarding criteria for Niyo Global by SBM due to which we couldn’t onboard you. The CKYC account type should be Normal but you have OTP-Based e-KYC.


so what can i do inorder to open account

Hey @Aaryan_Khan! We believe you are facing an issue with your NiyoX account. As we’ve checked, your account is under the debit freeze. We kindly request you to contact Equitas Small Finance Bank at 18001031222 on working days between 9 AM to 6 PM or send a mail to customerservice@equitasbank.com mentioning your concern, and the team will assist you.


@Mohammed_Shamnad you may have to update your CKYC details to a normal one and then try onboarding for Niyo SBM.

how can i update it
please explain steps to follow