Frustrated to not get my full KYC done

I tried to open NiyoX account online and the KYC visit has been rescheduled for 10 times now, provided number does not work. Also sadly I was goalwise exiting user, these people have screwed it up totally

Hi @Raghu_Savalagi

Thank you for your time on call. This has been highlighted with our team. Rest assured! we will ensure to address your KYC completion at the earliest.


I’m having a similar experience.

Ecom express call me everyday asking me if they can visit. I say yes. And they don’t visit.
Rinse. Repeat.

In the meantime, someone from the Equitas bank reached out to me, came home, took my biometrics and completed the KYC.

Now, the account has full KYC, but the NiyoX app is still waiting for Ecom express who may never come. And the account still shows as KYC pending on the app.

Do I even need the KYC from Ecom express now?

Hey @jithamithra ! Welcome to Niyo community. As you have completed the Full KYC of your account directly from Equitas Small Finance Bank(ESFB), your account has shifted to be an ESFB Savings Bank account rather than a NiyoX account. Hence, the app is unable to show the status of the same. Kindly get in touch with ESFB for further assistance in the matter.


Hi @ashrithjain ,
Thank you for the response.
Could you explain to me what this means? I opened the account via NiyoX and can still see my transactions there.
But, due to the full KYC done via the Equitas bank, I will no longer be able to use NiyoX account?

Hey @jithamithra ! You can no longer use NiyoX app. However, you can continue to use the Savings Account provided by Equitas SFB and access the same via their net-banking portal and mobile banking app. Even though you started the onboarding process via NiyoX, you should have completed the Full KYC process from Ecom Express to continue enjoying NiyoX. Hope to serve your better in the future.


Hi @ashrithjain,
That’s a bit disappointing. Any way I can continue to use NiyoX? I quite like the user experience. What happens if I complete KYC with Ecom express now?
Also, here’s a bit of feedback:

  1. I was contacted by the Equitas bank even though I opened the account via NiyoX. An agreement/process needs to exist between NiyoX and the underlying bank to not overlap in cases like these.
  2. Since I was not aware that there is a different KYC partner for NiyoX and I thought that Equitas bank KYC was the same as this, I am having to face this issue.
  3. Ecom Express is shit! If they had turned up on the date and time I scheduled for them, these problems would not exist. You should reconsider/tighten up your partnership with them

These people won’t resolve any issue!
Just won’t ever recommend to get a bank like this!

Hi @Ankit0712 ,

I understand you are disappointed with us :frowning: Could you let us know what went wrong from our end? we are here to make things right

Our team is working rigorously round the clock to provide you with seamless banking experience, kindly give us a chance to rectify things and recreate the banking experience for you.


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