Freezed Debit card

It’s been a week since I am in a biggest trouble. I have started niyo idfc account. And I am not able to use my debit card in any manner. Physical debit card received. I can’t make e-commerce transaction, POS transaction and even ATM withdrawals. No reply frm customer care. :man_facepalming:t2::pray:t2:

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Hey @dextorque, we regret for the inconvenience. We are having it checked at once. We shall keep you updated on this. SR

Same issue with me. Do you get an sms? I’ve been chasing support for this issue for over 5 weeks, ans they just don’t care.

Yes. Getting sms stating that some problem with the debit card. These guys are not minding. And it’s a financial institution where we are getting treated like this! I am going to take this to the Public grievance portal tomorrow and ll be filing a case in consumer forum. Let’s see.

We regret for the delay @dextorque The team is working to resolve the issue. We shall keep you posted on this. SR

Same issue here. Unfortunately, even after I activate in Netbanking / Mobile app the payments still don’t go through. Customer care is telling me that it’s not IDFC / NIYO’s issue and I need to check with Amazon. I’ve already tried with Amazon and Flipkart.

:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: Seriously They re Amazon and flipkart

It’s truly disappointing and infuriating to see that they blame the merchant. My card hasn’t worked for 45 days now and they aren’t even ready to accept that there’s a problem.

Actually both are responsible! In fact IDFC is more responsible. Niyo is just registered 3rd party vendor company and IDFC is the financial institution who is dealing with all our deposits. We have a customer id, an account number which is in direct with IDFC. So it’s just a blame game which they do. I have lodged a legal grievance in PG portal against Niyo IDFC and addressed the same to the RBI general manager. They should do something. I suggest you to do the same.

I am also facing exactly the same problem, I received my debit card but not able to use it anywhere. Not working on POS, ATM as well as online (both domestic and international). I was really excited and had high hopes for this card, even wanted to make it my primary card for all international purchases but it was all such a bummer once I actually tried it.

It’s been a week since I raised my grievance @dextorque
Nothing works. The reason these goons are flourishing is because the government doesn’t care either.

Just an update - My card started working finally last night!

Thank you for the confirmation @Srinath. Please feel free to let us know for any further requirements. SR

How did you make it work? Mine is still dead. Both domestic and international.

I downloaded the IDFC First App and played around for a while with the Debit Card limits. Didn’t work at first but it suddenly did a couple of days back.

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