Free debit card is must 4 neo banks

I am thinking to close my niyoX Acc permanently because each neo bank provide debit card free of charge (for exa…Jupiter , Fi & Finin) but niyoX charging 177/-rupees for debit card & physical debit card is mandatory too​:confused::face_with_head_bandage: physical debit card charges must be waived off or atleast virtual debit card should be provided free for lifetime…tell me Acc closing process I am not happy​:expressionless::roll_eyes:

Hi @RekhaTiwari91

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If you have the debit card, its free for 1 year - pls enjoy :blush: you can deactivate anytime before next year’s fee is levied. Not to worry, in all probability that fee would be anyway waived off based on some usage/account balance criteria which we will announce in next few months.


tbh thats really not a solution, if compared then Jupiter, Fi and god knows how many others are giving physical cards free.
atleast give a virtual card with longer validity like kotak 811.

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