Fraudulent transaction

I had a fraud transaction of 50,000 INR while travelling in Europe. It’s been more than 2 months and there is no update on that. I am surprised by how casually Niyo is taking this. I am an international student and I regret having taken the card now. Would you be okay if you lost 50,000 INR? I honestly don’t care anymore about how you are handling the tickets. I need the money for my expenses as a student and I would appreciate if you refund me back on it asap

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Hi @Surabhi_Purwar

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As we checked, since you’ve reported this charge as a fraudulent transaction, our team has raised a dispute request on 17th June 2022. The issue is still under investigation and the concerned team is looking into it. You will get an update from us regarding this before 2nd August 2022.
If the investigation is in your favor the amount will be credited to your Niyo account. Also, note that the Acquirer bank (CHANGO MAS FUERZA AEREA) could decline basis investigation and in such a case we would revert to you with the details & proof for rejection.