Fraudulent Transaction - Ticket 1377362

I had a fraudulent transaction on my account yesterday (Aug 3, 2022). I’ve called up a number of times, chatted on app (no response for 24 hours other than a bot) and have raised a ticket as well which has not been acknowledged or responded to either.

Can someone from Niyo help with this?

Ticket ID - 1377362

Hello @Preeth ! Welcome to Niyo Community.

We’d like to know if you have enabled any auto-pay to this particular merchant and also please check if any of your family or friends perform this transaction.

Also would you know who is this merchant and location? I don’t even recognize the merchant.

This happened while I was asleep.

Absolutely no autopays. Can you please help or contact me. I can’t seem to reach anyone nor is the sbm customer service able to hel

No one can. Card is with me. This is a fraudulent transaction. Can you let me know how I can get this reversed?

Hey @Preeth! We’ve sent you a personal message. Request you to please check your inbox.