Foreign markup charges on Niyo IDFC charges!


In DCB global its stated 0 markup charges where as in IDFC it’s stated 0% foreign exchange rate. So I’m just confused.

Can someone clarify will markup be charged on IDFC bank card or not ?

PS: IDFC charges 2% markup charges for the signature card.

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Hey there! Niyo IDFC FIRST Bank offers a Visa Platinum Debit card. You can enjoy the zero mark up charges on the real-time exchange rates. VS

Hi @Niyo_Moderator,

The answer is not giving full clarity on @goneo query.

I put it up this query in a simple manner below.

What are the differences between Niyo Global DCB Card & Niyo IDFC First Bank Debit Card while using it for foreign currency transactions?

Kindly differentiate point by point so that all can understand it in full clarity.

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Also in this thread the op raised query regarding the same but answer was provided for Niyo Global.

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