Fixed Deposit for NIYO Customers

Do we have fixed deposit option with niyo ?

Hey Abhinay! Welcome to Niyo community.

We do not offer the feature of fixed deposit as of now. However, we’ve noted your feedback & will notify you if the features live in the future.

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What is the possibility of opening RD & FD with Niyo IDFC First Bank Savings Account?

Both these features are already available or will be added in coming days?

Hey Surya, would it be possible to open FD via IDFC First Bank net banking if Niyo is not providing the facility at the moment?

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Hey Himanshu! Please visit your nearest IDFC FIRST Branch or just click the link below for more info: LK

Hey Lucky, my question is simple. Since you guys are not providing FD and I can access the bank account details via IDFC First netbanking as well, can I open a new FD via IDFC First Bank?
Would this cause any issue in the future?

Let me know if you are not able to understand the question.

You can certainly go ahead and open a new FD via IDFC FIRST Bank. That shouldn’t be a cause of concern in the future Himanshu. LK

Great! Thanks for the clarifying the doubt, Lucky :blush:

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How to get Internet Banking Username & Password for IDFC Bank?

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