#FinTip > Why you shouldn't STOP your SIPs during market volatility πŸ›‘

Market volatility can have a huge impact on your investments in the short-term. During the 2020 Covid debut, the pandemic-induced volatility threw the markets into chaos and confusion for a few months. Unsure about the future, many investors got into panic-mode and sold their investments, while others saw it as an opportunity and started purchasing more. Eventually, the markets recovered, and some investors gained huge profits while others had to accept losses.

Now with respect to investing in SIPs, you invest a fixed amount at regular intervals. So when the markets fall, you still buy more units for the same amount, than when they’re high.

Actionable tip: Continue with your mutual fund SIPs even during adversaries. With every market fall, your SIPs will benefit from Rupee Cost Averaging (RCA) which will lower your acquisition cost. Rather than getting scared of market volatility, make it your friend and benefit from it. In the long run, the market bounces back after uncertain times and makes new highs as it has always done in the past. Kick-start your monthly SIP journey with Niyo Money.

Now tell us, which type were you?

  • I freaked out when the markets crashed and withdrew all my invested money
  • I bought some more units for cheap when the markets crashed and continued investing

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How to apply credit card and what’s Requirement of eligibility

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Hi Ashok,

We do not offer credit cards as of now. However, it’s part of our future road map, stay tuned! :blush:


What happens if we miss any SIP? And can we change the SIP amount? I mean initially I selected certain amount, later I want to increase it…is it possible?

Thnx for your response.

If you set mandate for sip
Bank will charge penalty
If mandate bounces

My suggestion
Start with small sip amount
Whatever happens don’t stop Sip installment/redeem money from mutual fund

Yes you can modify your SIP amount & you can also Top-up your portfolio if you have extra money

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Investment section in the Niyo app is very good. There are many options like top holdings,fund manager etc. But I need some clarity like in terms of type of fund, lock-in period etc. As for some I’m unable to find lock-in period. It is clear in phonepe which mentions lock-in period,type and even risk like moderate,high. It is good if these options are clear in Niyo too. For some funds it is not displayed. I’m attaching the screenshots.

I think no replies on Sundays…:thinking:

Hi Ajaz,

As Sai rightly pointed out that if you have auto-pay set up and you have insufficient balance on the SIP date then bank may charge a penalty.

However if you know that you want to skip the SIP for, say, June, you can simply use the Modify SIP option and choose the start date of July. The auto debit will not happen in June and there’ll be no penalty also.

You can also use the modify SIP option to increase/decrease the SIP amount anytime you want.

Thanks for the feedback Azaj! Will definitely explore to add this. Type of the fund is shown right below the fund name. I’ve noted your requirement of lock-in period and risk level :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response!:+1:

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