Find out your CRIF Score for FREE with NiyoX ✔️

Creating a NiyoX accounts comes with a big goodie bag full of benefits! Just complete your registration process and check your credit score CRIF report worth Rs 400 totally FREE of cost!

What’s a CRIF score?

It is a three- digit number which gives a bank or a lender a sense of your creditworthiness i.e. whether you have been repaying your dues regularly or not. If the credit score is good, then the lender understands that you have used loans or credit cards in the past and have repaid all the dues properly and regularly. This makes lender comfortable to approve your current application for a loan or credit card.

CRIF credit score generally ranges between 300–900. 300 is the lowest score indicating poor credit score and 900 is the highest score possible. A score above 700 is generally considered good.

Did you check yours yet? What’s your score?

  • 300 to 500
  • 500 to 700
  • 700 to 900

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How do we check credit score?


Hey @ScottishBaron, here’s how you can see your CRIF Score

  1. Head over to Menu in NiyoX app.

  2. Go to Savings Account.

  3. Click on CRIF.

That’s it! Now you should be able to see your CRIF Score.

If you have further queries, feel free to reach out again!


I checked it on the app but couldn’t seem to find CRIF anywhere in there…


Hey @ScottishBaron . If you don’t find CRIF option in NiyoX, it means that you don’t have a credit history yet.


Thank you that was very helpful


Is it linked to CIBIL score or it’s all different and if yes how its calculated ?

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Hi @Anurag_Anuj

Welcome to the Niyo Community!
CRIF High Mark and CIBIL are two of the four credit bureaus in the country. Both the credit bureaus offer credit score and credit report to individuals and companies. Both are similar.


I’m not seeing this option in my Account :disappointed:

@Roshan . Hope this helps!
If you have further queries, feel free to reach out again!

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I’ve credit score at CIBIL score 771 & Experian score 829 .
But here I’m not seeing option

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Hi @Roshan ,

Hope you are using the updated version of NiyoX App. Kindly check and let us know.


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I’m using updated version .

Here is proof of my credit score.

I am not able to find that option and my is updated :confused:

I am unable to find such an option and my app is updated…:upside_down_face:


Why crif required for opening niyox account???

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@Aswathy_Nambiar @ashrithjain
What is the point of checking the credit score at the time of account opening? If someone applies for a loan then it is understandable but only you guys are fetching it at the time of account opening. No other bank is doing the same at the time of account opening.

Your credit score check thing, is that a one time process or you guys keep on doing it in the background? And hard enquiry or soft enquiry each time.

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Still I’m not seeing my Credit Score here .

@billubakra Some Banks fetch Credit Score, it’s legal.
It won’t reflect in Credit Score as it is Soft Enquiry .