Filter and sort in Mutual Funds

Hi - I have noticed the Mutual Funds section in the app is easy navigation and something which has all details and easy to understand.

Risk Profile is an amazing feature. I would suggest Filter, Sort and Favourite features added to the Mutual Funds. It becomes easy for an user to view, sort and maybe mark as favourite and keeping a track on the funds.

Looking forward for many new features in the App.

You will grow NiyoX!

Hi @Punith
Thank you so much for taking out time and providing us with your valuable feedback :slight_smile:

Hi Punith, Thanks for your feedback!
We are working on a new design for Niyo Money and it will include Filter and Sort options. Favourites/Watchlist is also on our roadmap for later. You will be able to use these features over the coming months! :slight_smile:

That is great to know. To be frank I like the concept of taking feedback from customers and make it better.

Let’s grow more

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