Feedback on the app

The app is wonderful and addictive to use. Some improvements would be awesome

  1. Dark mode(desperately needed)
  2. Whenever we login to the app, the account balance unless refreshed still shows the last value. It would be good if upon a fresh login it shows latest balance by itself
  3. UPI payment option within the app- again much needed
  4. Every time to see virtual card details, otp is needed- not a good user experience.

Yes, OTP for viewing card details should not be there. A simple pin/biometric based authentication should do the job. Will also save some sms cost for the company.

Hi @ItsMeRK6 thanks for your time to share your insights about the product, Your feedback will be shared with our product team. We always strive to deliver the best user experience and tend to reach our customers expectations. :slightly_smiling_face: