Feedback on Payees

  1. There is no need to have 2 separate tabs on “Select Payee’s Bank” window. There should be single tab with only 4 necessary fields “Account Name”, “Account Number”, “Bank Name” and “IFSC”.
    Right now, after selecting the popular bank, application doesn’t ask for IFSC and puts a random IFSC which is a huge huge problem. This will lead to transaction failures and disputes.

  2. After selecting a particular payee, it should show all the above fields.
    Right now, after selecting a payee, application shows the Account Name and Bank Name only.

  3. Allow deletion of VPA payees.
    Right now we cannot delete VPA payees.


I already pointed out this couple of months ago. Still no action has been taken.

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Hey Animesh! Welcome to the Niyo Community! We appreciate you taking the time to share the feedback. We will share this with the concerned team and strive to offer you a better experience. LK

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