#FeatureUpdate > You need to check out your Transactions Page RIGHT NOW

Hello, hello, hello

Ok so some time back I’d promised we would make some changes to the Transactions page. Guess what? WE DELIVEREDDDDDDDDDD :v: :ok_hand: :raised_hands: :clap: :man_dancing: :star2: :fire: :partying_face:

Some of you might have noticed some changes happening to your Transactions page. If you have, amazing. If you haven’t, this is what mine is looking like right now:

  1. Your narration will now look like “Spent at MAGNOLIA BAKERY” and not "PURCHASE \472357**0253\MAGNLONIA BAKERY \BANGALORE\ IN"
    (They have bomb Chocolate & Peanut Butter cakes btw try it out)

  2. You can now see the medium through which you’ve spent very clearly. “via Card” in this case, but something like “via UPI” or “via Transfer” will be visible

  3. If you spend via Card we are attempting to categorize your transactions automatically. Like this transaction got categorized as “Restaurant” automatically. Isn’t that amazing?

I think I’ve given you three very good reasons to start spending via NiyoX! We would you love it if you went out and spent using us, esp using your Card. Please correct the categories if you think we categorized them incorrectly, it will help us learn and improve our algorithm.

Stay tuned for more updates, we have a lot of exciting stuff coming up.

And please share your feedback, as always. :upside_down_face:

Kthxbye :sunflower:

There was also a news that in august niyox customer can transact internationally with 0 forex markup fees. When will that be available and what is the procedure.

As I am not able to board on niyo sbm so I am waiting for niyox to provide 0 markup facility.
Arsh Singla

Hey @Arshsingla ! It’s good to see you back! Some things are brewing here at Niyo right now as we speak. Stay tuned, we’ll spill the beans shortly :wink:

Good day,

Add time also for the txn

Pointed noted @dvij ! :slight_smile:
Have notified the product team, they will be working on it.

I have an NiyoX account working completely great.
My KYC is complete and initially I was promised to receive my Platinum Card on August 26 but now the date has changed to September 10 .
I have to travel to Ukraine on 2 September and I need the card delivered by August 27-28 please.

I have raised a complaint with ticket number 1001812

Can anyone see in this matter and get my card delivered by 27-28 August please

Hi @Adarsh_Pandey

As per our conversation, I understand your card has been delivered to you before the promised date. Kindly confirm if you have any difference on the same.


Yes I received the card yesterday that is way before the promised date :partying_face:

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I have the same issue, I’m travelling on 2nd September but the delivery date on niyox app shows 10th September…


We regret to say that we do not have any influence on card deliveries :frowning: however the delivery date displayed in Niyo SBM App is the latest.
Usually, it takes about 7 to 10 days for card delivery, though we’ve seen it get delivered sooner in some cases based on location. It’d be great if you could hang in there. We’ll try our best to get your card delivered within the promised time.


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