#FeatureUpdate > We're making a "statement" with this particular update

The pun, let me explain - you can now request a customized bank statement from your NiyoX App!! We’ve tried to give you as much flexibility and control over your bank statement as possible. That said, you must have questions -

What date range can I request the bank statement for?
From the day you opened your Niyo account, up until yesterday!

What format are you going to give me my statement in?
You can get your statement as a PDF, XLS, or CSV! We know some of you like downloading your statement to crunch numbers, and we know everyone likes flexibility so you get THREE options.

Uh, will you email this to me or can I download it?
Like I said earlier, we love flexibility, so you can do BOTH!

Okay, so how do I do this?
Tap on the Download Statement Icon on the Savings Transactions Page

Select your preferred options, and hit Confirm!

Voila, you’re done :slight_smile:

It’s as easy as that! Hope you like the update. As usual, please throw some feedback our way.

Kthxbye :sunflower:

Pls add time also to the passbook

All others banks show txn time also

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Hey Divij, we will be trying to get that added as soon as we can

I’m getting this error when I access the statement page on NiyoX app. Had raised a ticket but to no avail

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