#FeatureUpdate > We have a "refresh"ing new update on your balances

So, we’ve changed the way your balances and transactions are being auto-refreshed.

What’s changed?
Your balance and your transactions will now be updated every time you open the app, do a fund transfer, or scratch a card

Will I still have to manually refresh the app?
In case you do a transaction while the app is still open, we would recommend you to refresh your balance/transactions, but otherwise no

How can I manually refresh my balance/transactions?
You can pull down on a page to refresh it. Give it a try now!
You can also tap on the refresh button on your Savings Card:

How will I know that my balance is the latest?
If your balance says “updated just now” next to it, that means that your balance is now the latest available balance:

In case a balance is stale we display the last time it was refreshed, like this:

We’re positive this will improve your NiyoX experience and will continue to improve the app bit by bit.
Hope you like this bit.

Kthxbye :sunflower:

Are you planning to have this feature in Niyo Global by SBM app?

@Satish_K : Yes we do


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