#FeatureUpdate > Round the clock In-App Live Chat Support

Hello all,

We at Niyo are constantly looking for ways to improve our services and direct them towards making it easier for our users to contact us at any time.

Our most recent offering, Niyo Global Live Chat, brings us one step closer to attaining this goal. We will be able to serve you promptly and around the clock (24x7) with the new In-App Live Chat Support.

Here’s how you can access our 24x7 In-App Live Chat 💁

Step 1: Go to Support on the top right of the Homescreen.

Step 2: Tap on ‘Start Live Chat’ in the bottom of the screen

Step 3: You’re all set to start a conversation with Customer Support Officer!

> Would request you all to try the Niyo Global Live Chat and give us your feedback.


@akshit - Thank you for this update.
Suggestion - iOS (FAQs & LIve Chat) does not have UI like android.

@Satish_K IoS SDK is different from the Android which results in differences in UI. However hope, you are having a good experience in IoS as well.


Everything else is great and I know you guys working a lot to bring cool features. But if possible could you guys please fix the refreshing error that we receive often(the frequency has increased). I’m sure it would be in your pipeline but could you please move that up.

As for me , I am a guy who usually opens up the app and look for the balance first and then jump on to other features…

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@Anubhav_Routray This is a top priority for us. You will see the balance refresh very soon.

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Hey @Anubhav_Routray

Take a look at this post: #FeatureUpdate > We have a "refresh"ing new update on your balances :slight_smile:

Is this feature live on the niyo SBM cards? I guess it’s in the equitas one

Hey @Anubhav_Routray ! We’ll be launching it soon in Niyo Global SBM too.