#FeatureUpdate > Fund transfers have never been easier! 🤷

We heard you! We’ve fixed a few pain-points our Community members pointed out in the Fund Transfer flow of NiyoX. Here’s a quick rundown of all the new features you’ll see during your fund transfers on NiyoX which is sure to save your time and effort each time:


  1. AutoCopy & Paste A/c No. & IFSC Code from messaging apps: When your contact shares their account details with you via messaging apps, you can copy their message and paste it into the app. When you try adding them as a payee on the app, their details will get auto-filled for iOS users and Android users can paste the details in the app when prompted for details.

  2. IFSC Code Search is now enabled: If you know your Payee’s Bank Name and Branch where they have their account, you can now search for the IFSC Code right there in the app.


  1. Search Payee based on Payeename, Payee nickname and their Bank’s Name.

  2. Quick Access to Transfer Limits: You don’t have to remember or go looking for the fund transfer limits of your account. We value your time and to make things easy for you, these limits will now be displayed upfront on the top of your Fund Transfer Homepage.

  3. Fund Transfer History with ‘Repeat’ Option: Your Fund Transfer History will now be displayed upfront on the Fund Transfer Homepage with the option to Repeat a successful transaction or to retry a failed transaction.

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