Features you want from a Loyalty/ Rewards program

Hello all,

Tell us the earn and burn options that you desire in a loyalty/ rewards program, and we will make it happen! If it matters to you, it matters to us :heart:

Ram @NiyoX Product Strategy

Hi Ram,

Firstly, integrate Equinox rewards section in the app and display it with each transaction when earned as it’s a pain logging into a different website. Secondly, give us an option to instantly redeem it into the account as cashback when it reaches a certain threshold set limit (example 100,200 etc). Lastly, you can also gives us an option to convert the earned points into money and automatically transfer into “invest the change” section as this will inculcate the idea of saving which is one of the motto of NiyoX.



Frankly, I don’t like the point reward system. The cashback era is here. Most of the fintechs are now providing instant cashback (1-2%) on merchant transactions. This is far better than the point system, You can cap the maximum cashback one can get in a particular month. In Niyo, if I spend Rs,30k in one month through my debit card. I get 400 points, which amounts for less than Rs,100. Also, keep the debit card charges free for most of the users, You can also bring regular offers on e-commerce sites like amazon, flipkart, domino’s, etc. This will catch eyes & bring you customers plus the existing customers will use their card more often. Frankly, the current offers rolled out by Niyo are very lame. Even SBI is providing better offers/cashbacks.
Even the refer & earn is very less rewarding, I referred 2 of my friends and i got a cumulative of Rs.130. In comparison IDFC & HDFC are providing Rs.500 amazon voucher for referral. If you incentivize things, it’ll be better @ Niyo !


@Tousif27, @Apoorv Thank you for your reply. We will certainly take these ideas into consideration while designing the loyalty program.



I like that Niyo has tried to keep things simple. I think simple cashback is better than complex rewards process, point calculations and limited choice of redemption options.


Hi Parag,

We are glad that you are liking our simplicity. We will definitely try to keep the program as simple as possible.



Where on Niyo you are getting rewards? I didn’t get reward for anything and you are talking about cashback. :sweat_smile:


Yes Correct. I too think it is the better option

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