[Features Idea] Cashback on transactions

Can we see some cashback on all transactions just like Finin is offering?

Well Finin is not running any cashback offers as far as I know.

Okay as I’m not using it so I’m not sure. However, I was going through an article in which the same was mentioned. Link to article: What do neo-banks offer and should you try them?
There’s a line that says: " Finin offers 2% cashback on every purchase, complimentary airport lounge access, mobile protection plan and a metal debit card. "

Anyways the point I wanted to bring out is that wouldn’t it be great to see cashback on spendings from the Niyo global card?

That article was written in June , 2020 and Finin was launched for public in Dec 2020. No such offers from them since the launch apart from referral offer(now stopped). I am using them since Dec 2020.

Definitely It would be good to see some offers from Niyo but I just wanted to clarify that Finin has no such offers.


We do have plans for rewards in our roadmap!
Stay tuned

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