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@goneo @iamadityamalik We are actively working on building a credit line product. Stay tuned for updates as we ramp up for launch.
Please reach out to me if you have any suggestions.


Please ask before enrolling any customer into credit line product .
Because many of us don’t want it .

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Hey @zantapabada ! We’ll definitely do that!

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@ashrithjain @sharmatiru
1. Can you please bring virtual card for one time use. It’s help many people to worry free online transactions. :rocket:

2. Waive of annual charge for card on 10-20k spend. :boom:

3. Provide some durable card the card I get is so fragile I’m afraid it’s snap into 2 pieces.

4. Annual charge 499+ gst is very high.

5. And provide some goodies like passport cover for beta user like us who don’t get it previously.

6. Money transfer from international account. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

7. Inward and outward remittance. :money_mouth_face:

8. OTP on email because when we are traveling mobile number we register with is many time not working so OTP on mail can save us from trouble.


Hi there!
Thank you for all the suggestions.
We have now enabled OTPs on your registered email addresses for all ECOM transactions. This is just the first step, towards making your Niyo Global experience as seamless as possible.

Stay tuned for more updates!



Hi @goneo @iabdulaaziz @jvishw2 @Sahil78697 @haritpatwa @Irshad_Ali

As said by @Sai , we’ve enabled OTPs on your registered email addresses for all ECOM transactions.



Still not receiving any otp, when I tried to unlock or locking card setting. Still useless.

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We are in the process of removing OTP while locking/unlocking the card. Once done, you will be able to authenticate the request using your mobile pin.

OTP on email for ECOM transaction is what is enabled now.


@Sai : Just tried. It’s working. Can you not ask the yap team to send it from niyosbm-noreply instead of yap-noreply ?

@Sahil78697 It’s working. Just tried an international transaction.



Thanks for the confirmation. Yes, this would be changed in the coming days.



  1. Provide credit card based on a fixed deposit like One Card app. (Could be useful to improve credit score of the user)
  2. Metal Debit card
  3. Waive off card charges if the user achieved certain transactions.
  4. Provide a wallet or piggy bank like feature to save some bucks and it should only be available to withdraw when it reaches the target which we created at the first place.

I didn’t get OTP on my mail.

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Please remove otp for viewing card details and authenticate using phone pin or biometric methods.


Yes please revome otp for viewing card details

What about otp on email for fund transfer, if u are allowing otp on pos transaction then why not on fund transfer, suppose I have to send money to someone if I can’t able to get that otp thn how we ???

Hey @sajanzerif @iabdulaaziz ! Thanks for the feedback, will inform the team…

Hey @iabdulaaziz

Would like to inform you that there’s no OTP for POS transactions. However, stay noted that we’ve enabled OTPs on registered email addresses for ECOM transaction (Online).

Will share this feedback with the team…


I’m disappointed with the design of the card considering I’ll have to pay 499 every year. The print isn’t great, no option to modify name,and it still asks me to order the card, i was told I’d get it replaced but didn’t hear back.

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The card should feature choice for design like NiyoX has or rather the card should be made metal considering the annual charge

Hey @ScottishBaron ! Something’s brewing in here as we speak. We’ll spill the beans shortly. :sunglasses: