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What about otp on email for fund transfer, if u are allowing otp on pos transaction then why not on fund transfer, suppose I have to send money to someone if I can’t able to get that otp thn how we ???

Hey @sajanzerif @iabdulaaziz ! Thanks for the feedback, will inform the team…

Hey @iabdulaaziz

Would like to inform you that there’s no OTP for POS transactions. However, stay noted that we’ve enabled OTPs on registered email addresses for ECOM transaction (Online).

Will share this feedback with the team…


I’m disappointed with the design of the card considering I’ll have to pay 499 every year. The print isn’t great, no option to modify name,and it still asks me to order the card, i was told I’d get it replaced but didn’t hear back.


The card should feature choice for design like NiyoX has or rather the card should be made metal considering the annual charge

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Hey @ScottishBaron ! Something’s brewing in here as we speak. We’ll spill the beans shortly. :sunglasses:



Hi @ashrithjain, @Bansari, Does SBM Bank saving account come with “RBI’s Deposit Insurance Scheme” i.e. “Your money is safe with up to ₹5 Lakh insurance cover by Deposit Insurance Scheme (insured by DICGC, a wholly owned subsidiary of RBI)”?

@Satish_K Ofcourse. SBM is scheduled commercial foreign bank licenced by RBI.

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  • Metal Card like OneCard
  • Waiver or reduction in annual fee

Not sure if there is any such thing called supplementary debit card but since this SBM card is more targeted towards forex transactions, it would be really beneficial if some supplementary card exists which can be issued to the first blood relations of the account holder like HDFC does for credit cards.
Some of the users may be going to study abroad and their parents, siblings will definitely benefit from this. Also, the card charges would pinch less in such a case.


Hi @ashrithjain, @Bansari
Suggestion in Niyo SBM App

  • Currently “View Card Details” is OTP based. I would recommend if you change this method & replace with Biometrics (FaceId or Finger) or Passcode.

@Satish_K : Thanks for the suggestion. This feature is Dev WIP as we speak.


Hi @sajanzerif, we hear you !
It’s already in Dev WIP as we speak. Should be launched in coming weeks. Watch out the space for more.
If you have any more suggestion, let us know!


Many times it doesn’t

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@Rajat_Prajapati - Are you planning to have auto refreshing in Niyo Global by SBM app? Currently manual refresh is required to update all transactions & balance.

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@Satish_K : I feel your pain,
TBH, we have something planned out which will reduce the pain of pulling down the screen to refresh

I am hoping these new cards (if they come) would be delivered internationally (maybe you can charge a bit) , since most of us would have already travelled and would have started our job/masters.


Add QR Scan & Pay option in Niyo SBM app,
Now almost every bank and financial services have this facility.
So, request to you please add the Scan & Pay option