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Hello wonderful folks of Niyo Community, we’ve been receiving some great inputs from you all about the product and we’d like to take this to the next level. We request those of you who have already used Niyo Global by SBM (BETA) as well as those of you looking forward to get onboard to suggest features to us that you think will make your travel experience better and ofcourse, your life much more simpler.

To help us help you, please do drop in your feature request in the comments below. We will accordingly pick up these features and then work towards development and the final release.

How does the timeline look like?

  1. Feature request thread remains open until 18th October 2021.
  2. Some of the best features from this thread will be shortlisted, considered from an internal standpoint and then create a polling thread.
  3. Polling thread remains open for next 15 days from the date of posting the thread.
  4. The features that receive the highest number of votes will then be considered for final review and then chosen for execution

We request each and everyone of you to participate, and who knows, the best feature suggestions might get rewarded?! :smiley: So comment away!

Add QR Scanner to the app to make payments directly from the bank app itself


Hi @sharmatiru

Below are the features comes in my mind immediately when I think of a Forex card. It would be great if Niyo can incorporate these features so that Niyo SBM Card will the “BAAP OF ALL FOREX CARDS.”

  1. Free International Airport Lounge Access :airplane:(through Priority Pass, Dreamfolks, Dragon Pass etc.), Free Airport Greet & Meet facility. :red_car::handshake:

  2. Insurances for :dollar::euro::pound:
    Flight delay, Missing of connection flight during transit, Baggage delay,
    Air Accident, Fire & Bulgery, Theft etc.

  3. Tie-ups with International / Domestic Airlines & Hotels to get exclusive discounts for tickets as well as holiday packs. :tokyo_tower::statue_of_liberty::beach_umbrella::airplane::handshake:

  4. Exclusive duty free shopping offers in various Airports. :gift:

  5. Reward systems (like for every ₹100 spend):moneybag:

  6. Annual fees waiver.:heavy_dollar_sign::x:

  7. Real time expense tracking. :arrows_clockwise::heavy_dollar_sign::atm:

NB:- features regarding app is untouched here.


@sharmatiru Here are some suggestions from My Point of view

  1. Make Dark Theme optional as Users prefer Dark Themed apps :black_heart:

  2. Make In-Build UPI for Niyo Sbm as User Wouldn’t have to go through the hassle to create one UPI ID :money_with_wings:

  3. Make Cashbacks offers :money_mouth_face: (Rewards Section , Like scratch card in Google pay) in App itself so user would prefer to use app more often for purchases and for money transfer

  4. Real Time Expense manager as @neotracker said

  5. In app Search Function as people who want to access features wouldn’t have to waste their time to search for Particular Features.

  6. Certain Conditions to wave off The Annual charges of Visa Signature Debit Card :slightly_smiling_face:

  7. Option to View Account balance on the go without logging in would come in handy

  8. Personalized Money Management Insights

  9. Real time Alerts in app (Notification) itself would be very useful

  10. Outward remittance and Airport Lounge access should be released as soon as possible.

  11. Transactions Show the Original currency in which the transaction was made.

  12. Option to raise Dispute directly from the transaction page in case of any fraudulent Transactions


I would request to enable lounge access which is an USP of the card at earliest. It is taking longer than it should have.

New Feature request:-

  1. Foreign remittance for investment purpose with minimum markup and service charges.

  2. Emi feature on debit card.

  3. Account statement from the app.

  4. Virtual/temporary credit card(use and destroy)

  5. Currency rate on transaction tab just like Niyo DCB.

  6. Subscription tab to view what services have been subscribed to(recurring payments)

  7. Transaction notifications.

  8. OTP on email.

  9. Option to edit transaction details.

  10. Transaction dispute option from transaction details.


@sharmatiru all the features mentioned by @neotracker including bill payments, recharges, all types of investments including crypto trading, scan and feature for must, credit card etc …


Different subscription tiers.

  1. black tier- cashback on every purchase, travel insurance, free international atm withdrawals.

  2. Metal tier- metal cards, better cashback on every purchase, travel and personal belongings insurance, priority pass lounge access, priority support and free international atm withdrawals.

Apart from that,

  1. Outward foreign remittance transactions.
  2. Physical currency exchange service.
  3. Foreign transactions show exchange rate, original cost of the transaction and then the converted amount.
  1. Otp and transaction details on email
  2. In biult upi id on niyo sbm application
  3. Debit card annual fee waive off
  4. Airport lounge access
  5. Cashback and reward points on debit card
  6. Better user interface of niyo sbm

Add option to change mobile number
Its very important


@jvishw2 It’s already under Niyo’s pipeline and this feature would arrive soon. Niyo Appreciates your patience. :slightly_smiling_face:



Otp on email is needed urgently . My indian sim is out of service here in abroad . So please everyone make this thread to top.


I see so many unnecessary and advanced features, Guys please understand Niyo SBM is a baby he is growing gradually :slight_smile:

Foremost Important features which we need in 2-3 months :slight_smile:

  • OTP on email rather than phone, since we will be out off India
  • Last 10 transactions on the app.

These two features are most needed.
Best Forex Card.
Lots of love to the Niyo Community :heart: :heart:


Transaction details are comming on email so It’s already working dude! Only OTP email is needed :slight_smile:


Hello @sharmatiru

I see people commenting about many lounge access , fee waiver etc.

Being a student or Expat the most important feature I see is the


I do agree that features mentioned by folks are good to have but in my opinion, the money transfer feature will be a great utility and will completely cover all the usecase to make it a “ALL ROUNDER”.

  1. Provide a new design Card with better Visa Signature Logo . (Free Metal/Plastic Card + Visa Tokyo 2020 Goodies for Beta Customers)
  2. If you are charging 500Rs Annual maintenance for Card , do offer certain benefits as well , Like Travel Insurance .
  3. On 10k Spends , Waive off the Annual Maintenance fee .

@goneo , can you please elaborate on the “EMI feature on debit card” request?

Alternatively , you can mail me your phone number on vishal.dubey@goniyo.com and I would reach out to you myself.

PM, Niyo X


@Vishal_Dubey it’s very similar to credit card emi. The customers are offered a credit limit and then it could be used to purchase stuff (mostly above 10000) and this is generally provided with pinelabs systems. This overall is very similar to consumer durable loans and emi on debit card facility is provided by HDFC, ICICI bank at the moment. Here’s a link from icici bank to understand it better.


@Vishal_Dubey Pre approved overdraft is provided on debit card. And then bank creates SI for deduction of EMI from savings account. Amazon is providing this for few banks like Federal, HDFC.