Feature inputs for NiyoX

I’ve used Jupiter, Fi, fampay etc,. all have their own feature set. But I don’t see any new thing with Niyox app apart from investment account. So I expect more features!

My top feature request is just two.

  1. Pots (saving money under different personal goals)
  2. rounding of change investing during every transaction or custom rule based transaction like for example. (if I spend this much amount for this type of categories then save this much)
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Thanks for your input Ranjeth. We will try and get some exciting features soon in the product. Regards

Thanks for the reply. Looking forward to actionable features

Hi @Ranjeth

Welcome to the Niyo Community and thanks for your inputs :slight_smile:
Invest the Change feature is going live this month and Goal Pots are in the pipeline as well.


Wow that’s great to hear…just now finished FKYC. Particularly I love when I can able to edit the transaction description part. Keep bringing up new features along with little nuances as well.


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