Failed credit transfer to idfc by phonepe/upi/imps

Hell @admins , from last 2 -3 days , i am trying to send money to my niyo IDFC bank account, either by UPI or IMPS, but its not getting credited to my account, gets failed and refunded back to my source account.
From 17 dec, i wanted to credit , 12,000 to my account,
But its failing, then i tried from Union bank , then from SBI, BUT ITS ALL getting failed. All these transactions were from PhonePe.
Then i thought it would be problem of PhonePe, but when i did transfer from SBI to Union, it was successful.
Hence i tried from SBI NetBanking, did through IMPS, but still failed…
Last night instead of ₹15000, i sent ₹1500 and it was successful, but ₹15000 could not be sent ! Why.?
Do something to it… As this is my salary account.
If this problem isn’t solved , my salary will not be credited.
My ticket number on NiyoIDFC app is 856147

Hey Antariksh! Welcome to the Niyo Community! As we checked, we noticed that your Biometrics verification is still not completed for the account. Hence you would only have a limit till 1 lac to load and expend. We request you to kindly get the biometrics completed soon to avoid any such restrictions and use the account to its full extent. LK

Hello, i would like to Complete the biometric verification of my idfc niyo account, Can you please provide addresses of centres available in Pune, Maharashtra.
I am visiting Pune on 2nd Feb 2021. Hence i would like to complete it as early as possible.
Thanks. Regards.

Hey there! We understand but Pune is not in the list of serviceable locations. You can get your biometrics completed in one of these cities: Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Cochin, Hyderabad & Bangalore, LK