Facing Issue while using UPI Transaction-"UPI Limit Exceeded"

Hello There,

What is the UPI Transaction limit in terms of:

  1. Number of times ?

  2. How much amount we can transfer in single shot (ex: 10K, 25K, 50K etc) ?

  3. Can we use any other app for UPI transfer without any hassle? (ex: PhonePe, GPay)

I am not able to transfer amount through PhonePe, getting error “UPI Limit Exceeded”.

Any response appreciated. :slight_smile:

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This same complaint I also registered. Waiting for a resolution. I tried ₹5,000 transaction via UPI and it didn’t went through. Same message I am also getting.

This the very urgent issues needs to be addressed. But not received any satisfactory response from any medium not from mail, app , Whatsapp , community.

Hi @all,
UPI transaction is working fine for me. :slight_smile: