Facing CKYC error despite having normal CKYC with CVL KRA

I am facing CKYC conditions not met error.
I checked my CKYC data and I have normal CKYC done with CVL KRA and it is of 2018 entry.

Please let me know what action do I need to further take to get this issue resolved?

Hey @Suhrud_Thakkar! Welcome to Niyo Community!

We understand that you have updated your CKYC details. When our system is trying to fetch your CKYC details, it shows that you have an OTP-Based e-KYC & KYC year is 2017 due to which you are unable to proceed with the onboarding for Niyo SBM. Here, you may have to contact your service provider (possibly your bank) where e-KYC has been done and that needs to be updated to Normal KYC. Thereafter, you should be able to complete the onboarding formalities for Niyo Global by SBM.


Hey Deepak,

Thank you for prompt response, is it possible for you to see in records who did that Otp based e-kyc ?

If u can share that information that would be mighty helpful, otherwise I am not sure whom to approach for this.

Hey @Suhrud_Thakkar! We wish we could’ve helped you here. Unfortunately, we do not have the details to see where the OTP-based e-KYC is done. Probably, it might be with any of your banks.