Extra goodies with NIYO Global by SBM?

I have a Niyo global Sbm account
In schedule of charge leaflet, There is no fee for a passbook issue and chque book issue.

My question is Can we apply for physical passbook and chque book for free of cost (At least for one time ) ?

If yes then How?
I can’t find any option

Hey @Biswajit_Das! (1) Kindly note that presently there is no passbook facility. You can check the transactions within the app or by downloading the statement.

(2) There are no charges for the Cheque book for the first time. Please click a picture of your PAN Card (front and back) along with the signature and share the PDF file over an email to global@goniyo.com.

Once we receive this, we will dispatch the cheque book to your registered address within 10-15 working days. Please ensure the same signature is used to sign the cheques. -WB

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