Expired discount coupons

The coupon code provided by you people to niyox customer are expired most of them kindly give us a new ones they have been expired since June but you have not made changes in your app
And it’s my suggestion kindly provide coupon code for companies that people are using every day pls don’t provide coupon for those brands which is hardly knew by anyone
I am also summiting the ss with the message
And I also want to ask about the debit card ,is there any changes in the charges of debit card and the average balance that need to be maintained is 1000 or 5000 as no info is there in app

Hi @Ashish_Upadhyay, this is not the kind of experience we wanted you to have. We have made a note of your feedback to ensure that such instances are minimized going forward. Kindly check out our post here: Important announcement🔊: NiyoX Card Annual Fee for the Second Year - NiyoX - Niyo Community for better understanding

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