Experience seamless card management in Niyo Global by SBM

Hey folks,

Here’s a feature update to make your Niyo Global experience smarter (:bulb:), quicker (:rocket:), and safer (:lock:) than ever. You asked us to remove OTPs for card management and we heard you!

Now, experience seamless card management just by using biometrics on your device. PIN Set/Reset will still need you to enter an OTP, however, we’re working towards sending an OTP to your registered email address too.

If you have a feature request that can enhance your Niyo Global experience, feel free to drop them below and we’ll take it from there.

Team Niyo Global

great feature :+1:
is this also going to be implemented for niyo x?


Hi @shikharmakkar,
We are working towards it in NiyoX. You can expect it early next year.