Even after scheduled appointment my biometric kyc verification not completed

Dear Dharmendra Tiwari, executive will visit today between 12 PM-04 PM on behalf of Niyo. Pls share Ref.No 328070 - Ecom Express

Hey Dharmendra, we regret for the delay. The request is already with the team and a representative should reach out to you soon to complete the biometrics verification. SR

Yesterday your ecom-express kyc agent came to my home for completing my biometric kyc but unfortunately his biometric capturing device was not working…his device has technical problem…so he told me he will return in 2-hours to my home for completing kyc again after resolving the problem in device…i wait whole day but he didn’t return for completing my kyc…when will you complete my biometric kyc verification…?:roll_eyes:
Next day i am still waiting no-one called or sms me for completing kyc verification​:rage::rage::rage:
My time is also valueable…if you book slot for kyc complete within scheduled time-line :rage::rage::rage:

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