Error while placing the card order

I’ve created my account and deposited 5000 rupees for ordering the signature card but when I’m trying to place the order it is showing that an error has occurred I’ve tried like 30 times since yesterday and the problem is still the same. I’ve contacted the support team, but they asked we to wait for 2-3 days to solve my issue. My concern is that I’m travelling abroad in a couple of days and I don’t think I’ll be able to take the card with me over there. Please fix the app as soon as possible, or else you can place the card order to my address from your end, if that works.

Hey @challa_karthik ! Welcome to Niyo community!

Oops! It looks an unfortunate technical error. I’d like to inform you that our team is working rigorously hard to provide you with a better banking experience. As the app is still in beta phase, you’d encounter some hiccups here and there. Request you to please retry later.


I’ve been trying from past 2 days and sending many emails to support team, but it’s showing error. If possible, can you place the order from your end?

Are you facing issue while creating ticket or while ordering the card?

I’m facing the error while ordering the card. Please i request you to order from your side because I’m travelling in a couple of days that’s my main concern.

Hey @challa_karthik ! Could you please answer the follow-up question via DM.

@ashrithjain i am facing the same issue when i try to order. Any available solution for this? Raised tickets yesterday but no response.

Hi @viraj ,

Could you please write this to our support team? You can reach to them from Niyo SBM App > Menu > Support, as there are chances to get an instant resolution without waiting to get a response here.


I reached to them 2 times (Tickets 1012931 and 1012886), and got response to re-install the app, followed the steps. But it never worked, Always same error as i uploaded Screenshot. Thanks!