Error while log in

I’m facing problems from last 10-12 days It was really hard to complete your all registration process Because of you server error, most of the time the server was low and was not accepting the documents another this I just 6-7 days before got a email That all process is completed and and they provide me account number and customer id ( was mentioned that the has been successfully registered)
But still I’m facing issues
When I’m try to open my account with my correct pin code it is showing error that format exception :invalid double null
I generated pin for opening application in phone was totally correct as per your examples what the suggested
Regarding this I already mailed to your customer care
But not any satisfied answer
Every time the are replying we are working on it ….
Even I’m not able to call customer care number because when I’m calling from registered mobile number they decline my call by saying call please from registered mobile number

Hello @Aman_Sangwan! As we checked, our team has contacted Mr. Pridhuman and resolved the issue. Mr. Pridhuman was able to log in to the app successfully.-WB

Yes thank you so much