Error opening Niyo Sbm account

Hi niyo team,

My cykc has been already completed many times in all the other banks I have account with and all the banks have the same details. Yet I got the attached error message after completing all the formalities. Please look into this as I have a travel scheduled in few weeks

Hi @Shivaprasad

As we checked, you do not meet the conditions to onboard with us. Since, your KYC is OTP- based one, we’d need a normal CKYC to have you on board with us. Alternatively, you may try our other product NiyoX or Niyo DCB which can work in handy for you considering your travel requirement.

Ranjith M

One of my friend recommended this and even his KYC is otp based. How was he given a niyo card?

Hello @Shivaprasad ! If the Bank criteria are not fulfilled then the account cannot be created. However, we have taken your feedback and shared it with our team. We regret the inconvenience. -WB